Our Machines

The spectacular technology of our machines uses artificial intelligence with robotics that adapt to your industrial needs.

Featured Machine

Hector V66

Fast-paced sorting and packaging machine

Meet Hector, the world’s most advanced sorting and packaging machine that utilises additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence to adapt to any product. It changes its packaging style and texture based on the product it receives, an all-in-one panacea with the power of 100 machines in one, smart, solution. 

Meet the Machines

Introducing the world’s most advanced industrial machinery with artificial intelligence robotics ready at your service. 

Arctic XT500

Tangerine 44

Octopath CT2

The time for technology to be our allies is nigh. Industrial workers deserve this level of ease, and what better way to give that than LGB Machine?

Kamisato Sakura, Director of Asuka Robotics