Four Top Private Schools in Kuala Lumpur

If you’re seeking an outstanding private school in Kuala Lumpur, then you’ve arrived at the correct place. You will find information about four excellent private schools located that are located in Kuala lumpur. Sayfol International School (Growth International School), Abedeen International School as well as Sri Dasmesh International School. Keep reading to discover about each one and decide which one will suit your child.

Sayfol is a private school located in Kuala Lumpur

International Sayfol International School, a co-educational private school is located in close proximity to Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur. It was founded in the year 2000 by Datuk Haji Ghullam Mohammed Sayeed, the school currently educates students from 60 countries. The school is well-known for its ability to blend children from different nationalities, as well as the fact that it teaches children who are between 2 and 18 year olds on the IGCSE curriculum. The school considers students and their teachers to be a part of a family and has a commitment to creating harmony and unity between the faculty, children, and parents.

Learning at Kuala Lumpur can be expensive. Average tuition charges for secondary and primary education in Malaysia vary widely. Preschools are in Malaysia typically cost between RM27,450 between RM240,400 and RM27,450 per year. Sayfol tuition fees are RM27,450 for two years, which is inclusive of all fees, field trips and uniforms. Everything that your child requires from preschool to college is included in the fee

Make sure you check the school’s reputation in quality of education before you decide on an independent school. The school was created in the year 1985, is consistently producing exceptional academic achievements. The school is among the top in the world, according to the Pearson Edexcel evaluation system. The school offers discounts to siblings. It’s committed in teaching moral values and encouraging a sense of family for its pupils. The library contains educational material as well as books.

If you’re in search of an international school in Kuala Lumpur, you’ve come to the right location. Sayfol offers the international diploma. Sayfol has an extensive international student body and is a good alternative for private schools. There are a variety of public and charter schools in the region for foreigners. The oldest Chinese school in Malaysia, Chong Hwa Independent High School, which dates up to 1965, has been an exceptional school for students. It is possible to apply for best schools.

Garden International School

Students attending Garden International School are exposed to a wide range of academic, social, and athletic opportunities. The Dragons team for soccer and swimming and the teams for swimming and rugby all are open to students. The school is a member of AIMS sport, FOBISIA, and SEASAC. More than 45 teams play intercollegiate and extramural athletics, and the school’s specific athletics academy also offers training and competitions for students.

Malaysia’s most highly regarded private international school, The Garden International School, is located in Kualalumpur. It is co-educational and adheres to the standards of England as well as Wales by integrating the national British curriculum while tailoring it to fit the demands of an international community. The school was first established in 1951 . It includes more than 2100 students from more than 60 nations. Garden International School is a preferred choice for families that are moving to Malaysia looking for an education that is in the British manner.

The Garden International School is a high-ranked private school within KL. They are part of Taylor’s Schools group owns the school, and it consistently achieves outstanding outcomes. It’s the perfect starting for top universities across the globe. Students get a thorough education that is complemented with the importance of world citizenship and learning languages. The school has two campuses that each have their distinctive identity.

Taylor’s Education Group has schools in Malaysia and in the UAE. The school is a privately owned one that is specialized in tech and holds three A* to A IB Diploma exam grades. The program is accredited from the Council of International Schools (CIS).

Abedeen International School

Malaysia’s Abedeen International School provides a wonderful education experience. The students are exposed to multiculturalism as well as Islamic character through academic curriculum. The school also offers the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) program, which prepares schooling-age students for life outside the classroom imparting British academic standards to pupils outside the British Isles.

The classroom is where students take advantage of an international curriculum. In addition, extracurricular activities build characters. The school has a strong commitment to every child’s development holistically. Small class sizes and dedicated staff help students develop their core skills. Students are also taught how to behave towards others. While there’s a long waitlist, it’s more than worth the wait. The school is situated at Pantai Baru KL and Cambridge.

Both local and international students will be able to learn at the school. It has the best teachers across the world. Children can also get discounts starting the second year. Students receive partial scholarships to pay for fees, and their results depend on 70% coursework and 30% exam results. Abedeen International School is one of the most highly regarded private schools within KL. It’s a preferred choice for the international and Malaysian community.

Another school that is private situated in KL can be found at the Sri Kuala Lumpur School, it follows the British syllabus. The academic year starts in January and is attended by more than 95 percent Malaysian students. There’s always a waiting queue as admission is highly very competitive. The principal feature of the school is its sixth floor building, which has swimming pools in addition to an indoor futsal courts. The students are taught British, American, and Canadian education. It provides comprehensive instruction from preschool to the external examination.

Sri Dasmesh International School

If you’re searching for an outstanding international school you can send your child to, Sri Dasmesh International School located in Malaysia is an ideal choice. It promotes learning that is value-added and guides students to study in a structured manner that incorporates guidance, counseling discipline, structure, and guidance. This school has a 100 percent pass rate on all National Exams. It’s proud of its exceptional academic record and offers extracurricular activities to enrich pupils’ educational experience.

Sri Dasmesh International school is situated inside Kuala Lumpur and has a huge Sikh student body. This school has an outstanding success rate in passing the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SCEM) test. The strong relationship between teachers and students is the most important factor in its success, according to the principal. Though some of these schools are expensive but the quality of their instruction is worthwhile.

This private school is located in Malaysia offers an International Curriculum and small class sizes. With dedicated teachers, small classes provide an excellent learning experience. The waiting list is very long, so make sure you apply early! It is a school that focuses on studying and developing character by focusing on the 7 Habits of Highly efficient People for a method to develop leadership abilities. Its small size, friendly teachers, and renowned faculty are sure to make your child feel welcomed and at peace.

The curriculum at Sri Dasmesh International School incorporates English and French. It also offers the International Baccalaureate and the North American Educational Framework are available for the students. It has an excellent profile and students who are international at around 80 percent. Teachers from abroad make up most of the teaching staff. The students are required to be respectful and well-informed.

Tenby Schools and Setia Eco Park

Since its inception in 2008 Tenby Schools, Setia Eco Park is a top educational option for international and local students. Students are encouraged to develop about life and confidence through the comprehensive educational experience offered by these schools. Educators combine brain research with worldwide educational experiences that enhance teaching methods. Tenby Schools, one of only a handful of Malaysian universities that offer dual-stream programs that integrate with the top of both local and international curriculums is among the few.

You can get to Tenby Schools, Setia Eco Park by public transport in Malaysia using Moovit. It provides you with a guideline and map to get you there. For directions to Tenby Schools and Setia Eco Park You can look up rates for bus, MRT, and LRT from anywhere. Also, if you’re driving, consider Moovit’s alternative route to reduce time and cost!

Tenby School and Setia Eco Park have world-class facilities that demonstrate their dedication towards holistic development. Every classroom at the school come with computers that are interactive as well as SMART boards, projectors and SMART boards. The school has a vast sports complex, which includes the pool, tennis courts and a football field. Additional amenities include a music space, an aquatic centre as well as a cafeteria, research and development laboratories as well as a huge library.