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Learn how we revolutionized the potential of using robotics to create smart machines, our mighty allies in carving a new future.

About Us

The only product that keeps giving, our machines actively learn and get better with every new task.

LGB Machines uses self-learning robotics to develop incredibly skilled and intelligent machinery to be used in a multitude of industries. We have revolutionized more than 50 different countries across the world with our technology.

I was taken aback by how advanced LGB Machines’ robotics were

Neil Degrasse Tyson

How our 2020 keynote changed the world.

One the eve of the global pandemic, LGB Machines finally unveiled their advanced array of technological companions at a time where the world was going to go into lockdown. Watch the unforgettable moment that shook the world, and changed industrial machinery forever. 

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Our only limit was time. If we broke past that limt, we’d unlock our true potential. For us, it took 35 years of learning and dedication. Now, the future has arrived.

Darius Cook, Founder and CEO

I never thought I’d see technology this advanced in machinery. This is truly the result of a deep passion and love for robotics

Elon Musk, Head of Advisory Board